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Face Mask AM99™ Antiviral Antibacterial Reusable 70 times – Salmon Pink

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AM99™ is the next generation personal face-mask.

This product has been made using a patented Japanese nanotechnology to create a washable, reusable, antimicrobial facemask. It effectively neutralizes Coronaviruses and at least 17 other microorganisms upon contact (including: E. coli, MRSA, Measles and Candida).

Our nanotechnology works by puncturing the outer cell wall of a potentially harmful pathogen, thus rendering it inert and unable to cause harm to you or others around you. This antiviral antibacterial action works non-stop to keep your mask sanitary and safe.

By wearing an AM99™ cotton-based face-mask, you are protecting yourself and those around you from potentially harmful respiratory droplets and surface-to-surface transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Directions: Cover your nose and mouth with the mask, placing the ear loops securely over your ears with the nose bridge on top. Tighten if necessary.

How to care for your mask: We recommend washing your mask once daily and using this package to store it when not in use. To wash your mask simply handwash using a mild detergent under warm running water (approx. 30°C), pat dry using a clean towel and hang to dry.

Certifications: ISO 18184, ISO 18184:2019, JIL L1902.

Made in Hong Kong.

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