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Public, Personal & Environmental Safety Is Crucial

Lab-certified to kill COVID-19

Washable at least 70x

Works 24/7

Antiviral antibacterial

Our world is changing and as we face new challenges we have an urgent and imperative need to provide simple and effective solutions to contain, protect against and minimize the effects of a global outbreak. The AM99™ range of protective face-masks have been especially created with this in mind

Using patented nanotechnology developed in Japan, we have been able to create a reusable face-mask that far out-performs anything else available on the market in terms of lab certified protection, sustainability, re usability, comfort and style.

AM99™ face-masks are lab certified to protect against the current COVID-19 pandemic and other potentially harmful microorganisms including MRSA E.coli. and Klebsiella pneumoniae.  AM99™ also protects against many more contagions that are of global health concern, leading to Meningitis, Salmonella, UTIs and Food Poisoning).

In uncertain times, simple, effective and sustainable precautions are the most effective way of protecting our community and workforce.

It is now scientific fact that widespread face-mask adoption is the most effective way of containing and preventing the spread of a global pandemic.

The AM99™ reusable face-mask is the next generation in face-mask technology, providing far more protection than traditional “passive” masks. Our reusable face-mask offers an additional layer of lab-certified protection that actively neutralizes COVID-19 and other potentially harmful microorganisms on contact.

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Our Masks Are Infinitely Customizable

AM99™ are uniquely capable at providing your business and community with the highest quality protection that are also tailored to suit your specific requirements. We are able to provide highly customized face-masks that suit many business, faculty and governmental needs.

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